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The Symposium for Research on Child Language Disorders celebrates its 40th birthday this year. Each year, SRCLD meets in Madison
Is there such a thing as 'dyslexia'? In this guest blog, Philip Kirby and Maggie Snowling offer a historical perspective
I'm used to thinking about time in two different ways in my research. One type of time is developmental time
We've been thinking a lot about semantic diversity lately and how it might relate to children's reading development. We invited
Our latest research-practice Partner event was themed around mental health and well-being. Lucy Bowes discussed some of her work on
Nearly 135,000 stories from 5-13 year-olds across the UK and a huge 56 million words later, the Oxford Children's Word
There's been much discussion recently regarding the "language gap" and the "word gap" -- the recognition that there are huge
Some children start school with worryingly low levels of oral language.  In this guest post, Maggie Snowling tells us why
Word Detective is our nationwide citizen science project for children. Lots of children have already taken part in our quiz,
Word Detective is our nationwide citizen science project. Many children have already participated, earning their Word Detective certificate. With your help,