Behind the Scenes of the ReadOxford Photoshoot

With our new website underway we were keen to get some photos to highlight our exciting new project, ReadOxford. Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes of our photoshoot at St. John’s College.

Our favourite shot was inspired by a photograph of Kate taken by Louise Bobbé (seen in black & white below, © The National Portrait Gallery). Kate was photographed as part of the exhibition Portraits in Mind, celebrating 100 years of the British Psychological Society. She was selected for the exhibition because she'd been awarded a prize for her work on reading, The Spearman Medal. This is named after Charles Spearman (1863-1945), an important person in the history of psychology. He was interested in human intelligence and he remains famous today for the methods he developed for data analysis.

We took on the challenge of recreating this shot with children. This entailed cutting out 26 colouful foam letters, suspending them all from a chandelier and carefully popping a child underneath. I even got a go too! This is what we got... 

Challenged by how many games, crafts and snacks we could provide to keep our six mini-models entertained in between shots. Loaded with party rings and cheese strings they behaved immaculately all day.

In between rain showers we rushed outside with blankets and books. 

We also managed to recruit some grandparents to help with our photos.

We were so excited to look through our photos and begin editing them ready for our new website. After a lot of debating we managed to whittle it down to our favourite select few.

None of these beautiful photos would have been possible without our super talented photographer, Niina Tamura. Also a huge thank you to our gorgeous models, who thoroughly enjoyed a day of playing, pampering and posing. 

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