What do our Researchers do?

We are interested in how children learn and develop the important skills they need as they grow up. We are particularly fascinated by language, especially how children learn to read and write. 

ReadOxford is investigating how children learn to read. We want to know how children become expert readers. To find this out we are visiting lots of children in school and asking them to take part in our experiments.

Click on the tabs below to find out more about some things we're working on just now. 


We have lots of stories for you to read.  They have been written specially to investigate different things about learning to read.

story reading

The eyetracker is a very clever piece of equipment that looks at what your eyes are doing whilst you are reading.

From this we can tell what you know about the words and sentences as you read them. 


The word-decision game is used to find out what you know about different words. You press a button to say whether a word is a real word rather than a nonsense 'made-up' word.

From this we can find out interesting things about different words:

Why is the word 'dog' easier to recognise than the word 'emu'?

Is the word 'sandwich' easier to recognise than the word 'soldier'?

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