We are primarily engaged in research and research-related activities.  We are happy to send summaries of our research findings, to give talks to interest groups and to send copies of our academic papers if you are unable to find them online.  However, we are not able to discuss individual children or offer educational or clinical advice about an individual child. We hope you find these links to external organisations and resources helpful.

A series of videos created to raise awareness of language learning impairment and how to get help

A good introduction to the sorts of problems children can face when reading, produced by our fellow researchers at the RADLD campaign

Resources for parents with children who have difficulties talking and understanding language


Resources for parents of children with dyslexia


Support for those with literacy and numeracy difficulties, dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties




Help for children with speech, language and communication needs


Tips and resources to encourage reading from Oxford University Press




A useful resource for parents looking for for a specialist assessor in their area


Fun science workshops for kids, preschool to age 11

A review of the history of dyslexia, operational definitions used to diagnose dyslexia in research and practice, the relation between dyslexia and DLD, and the language abilities of children with dyslexia.

A collection of evidence-based resources created by the Oxford Craniofacial Unit Speech and Language Therapy Team to develop the language and communication skills of children approaching school age (3-5 years).

Activities and resources for developing children's communication skills.

Learning resources for children aged 3+.

Disclaimer: The inclusion of these links does not necessarily imply endorsement of the views expressed within them.