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Without the support of schools, we would not be able to carry out our research.  We work collaboratively and hope your school will be keen to take part. Participating schools join our database where they can hear about our research findings and attend workshops at the University.

Find out what happens when we carry out research at your school

Interested in taking part? Any feedback? Or perhaps you have ideas about what we should investigate next?

Here are some of the reasons why you might like to join forces with ReadOxford

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The children are always enthusiastic to be involved, viewing it as a treat to get chosen to read for a scientific experiment.The researchers are very patient and encouraging with the children so that even the weakest of readers often volunteers to participate in more than one test.

Deputy Headteacher

Sonning Common Primary School
As a school we are keen to support research into reading skills so that we play our part in supporting the development of readers of the future. The researchers have also helped staff to have better understanding of issues which may impact a child's ability to develop as a reader.


Sonning Common Primary School

The researchers are highly considerate of the reality of school-life and accommodate last minute changes to their plans in order to limit inconvenience to staff or pupils. 

Class teacher

Sonning Common Primary School

We were very keen to support this research, having benefited ourselves from much educational research over the years and believing that understanding the process of reading development is particularly important.  

Clare Lynas

Headteacher, Rupert House School

It was very easy to take part:  the study was conducted with great efficiency, the girls found it enjoyable and the process took even less time than had been predicted.  Well done, to all concerned!

Clare Lynas

Headteacher,Rupert House School