Ascension Pagan

I work at ReadOxford as part of my job as Research Associate at the University of Oxford.

 When I was a child, I liked playing with words, using ambiguous words to tell jokes to my little brother. Later on, I loved playing Scrabble. It is amazing how some people are very good at creating words combining only few letters while others find this very difficult. This interest in words, (and language in general), continued during my studies at the University of Murcia, (Spain), where my fascination for reading and psychology of language increased considerably, setting up the basis for all my research work in the following years.

Please visit my academic page to find more information about my work.

My Favourite Word

My Favourite Book

My favourite word is orquídea (orchid in Spanish), because I like the fact that contains the five Spanish vowels on it, and I Iove the way it sounds. It reminds me of the Spring in Spain. It is also my favourite flower.

My favourite childhood book is Five on Kirrin Island by Enid Blyton. Of course, I read the version translated into in Spanish by Federico Ulsamer. I loved it because the main characters have lots of adventures, and like Anne, one of the main characters, I was starting to help in the domestic tasks at home at that time. I wanted to be as brave and resourceful as her.