Niina Tamura

Research Associate 2015 - 2016.

My work at ReadOxford combines many of my favourite things: I love working with children, I love books, words, and stories, and I love going on a quest to find out new things about how we learn and do things. Sometimes I even get to combine my hobbies with my work, as in the case of doing the photography for this website. 


My favourite word

My favourite childhood book

My favourite word is haberdashery, because I like both the way it sounds and what it means. It makes me think of a knitting basket by a fire place, a slightly chipped, spotted tea cup, and an oldfashioned sewing machine. 

My favourite book growing up was A little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I grew up in Germany, so I first read the German translation, but I loved it so much I was determined to read the original - with a dictionary at hand. 

As a grown-up, I still very much enjoy reading books written for children and young adults. Some of my favourites are The Giggler Treament by Roddy Doyle, which is just hilarious, and My name is Mina by David Almond (the sequel to his popular novel Skellig).